DIZOZ is a luxury Lithuanian fashion design brand producing high quality, luxurious fur clothing. The brand combines two key elements – exclusive fabric design and unique clothing products. The aim of our brand is to create distinctive pieces of clothing that keep you warm and are worn with ease.

DIZOZ produces clothing that is suitable for winter, autumn and spring. When buying fur clothing the main problem a lot of people face today is that it is either too heavy or does not keep you warm. We believe that fur clothing should be warm, light and easy to wear.

DIZOZ production process uses the latest technological innovations in textile design allowing us to produce warm, light and soft fabrics that are also windproof. Our fabrics are woven using handlooms, thus taking the time and care to ensure the high quality finish of each piece. The unique feature of clothing we produce is that it is light, but still keeps you warm.

DIZOZ takes individual orders and all of our products are tailored to meet each customer’s wants and needs. We believe in working closely with our customers and creating the best possible luxury products for them.

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